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NEPAL : Back in Kathmandu 2008

Par Caroline Letrange :: 10/07/2008 à 0:45 :: LATEST NEWS
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Dear trekker friends

I am pleased to welcome you from august 2008 for your treks and ascents from Kathmandu in Nepal. I will be in Kathmandu to this date for the entire trekking season in this beautiful region of the Himalayas. Have a look at our itineraries on the site to find out our new routes in Asia and Africa.

The Kilimanjaro season in still on till October 2008. Treks in Nepal, Tibet, Sikkim, Bhutan and India are starting from September 2008 with the return of the dry season. Treks to Everest and in the Khumbu and the Annapurna valley are planned for this season.

The Tibet which had been closed for several months because of incidents in Lhasa is reopened. The routes on 8000m peaks (Cho Oyu, Everest and Shishapangma) are now accessible to our friends climbers who had reserved a climb on these routes. The beautiful trek to Mount Kailash, the sacred mountain, is also planned on the agenda. Good news !

If you wish to trek, I will be pleased to welcome you in Kathmandu before you enjoy your holidays. Keep on posting your questions and comments on the blog.

Look forward to seeing you soon.

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