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Welcome to the Blog

Par Caroline Letrange :: 18/06/2007 à 1:16 :: Général
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Welcome to the REACHSUMMIT
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NEPAL : Dashain Festival

Par Caroline Letrange :: 18/06/2007 à 1:43 :: Général
On the end of September and  begining of October, ther is the great festival called Dashain celebrated by all Nepalese. It is fifteen days of celebrations during the full moon. This festival celebrates the goddess Durga in all her aspects. She is venerated during innumerable pujas. Offerings and sacrifices of animals are then practised during this celebration.

Dashain commemorates the victory of the gods over all bad demons. It last nine days commemorating the fight of Durga goddess against the Mahisasur demon. The tenth day is the day of the massacre of Mahisasur and corresponds to the victory of the goddess. The Durga goddess is venerated in all the kingdom as a goddess mother and she comes to visit and bless the houses while bringing good fortune.

During Dashain the privileged food is meat  (goat, sheep,  buffalo, duck, chicken). Dashain thus makes it possible for all to eat meat, generally very expensive. During all the festival you can see lots of handmade kites flying everywhere around the city and red tikas are put on your forehead as a sign of blessing; that goes from the oldest person to the youngest person of the family. Then, the ritual of cleaning comes. From houses, roads, animals to temples as well. Dashain ends with a great Puja in honor of Durga, for peace and prosperity.

During all this time, most of the shops are closed and the streets are a little empty, which is not that bad. This festival also  celebrates the new year 2063. Animals sacrifices are now done in temples or at the butchers, replacing the old buffaloes sacrifices in public place.

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AFRIK: Chagga Ethnie

Par Caroline Letrange :: 18/06/2007 à 2:25 :: Général

Small visit through the area of Kilimandjaro.

Summit of Kilimandjaro with fallen the day...

In this area of the North of the country joined at the border with Kenya, it is the ethnos group of Chagga which prevails. They represent less than 2% of the total population but are prevailing here. They live resources resulting from Kilimandjaro: coffee, bannaneraies, corn...

The volcano is fore-mentioned Kibo and refers to its snow-covered top. Mawenzi and the plain of Shira are the 2 other geological formations which frame this area.


Their traditional habitat takes the shape of a round, separate hut into 2: a part for the hearth and another for the bed and surmounted of a stage for storage of the food products. Contrary to Masais, the hutes are made out of dried grasses and not out of ground. With the activity of the hearth and the heat which emerges some, the grasses agglomerate enters and form excellent insulating.

And at the end of day, the up to date handing-over of the blog directly in the car thanks to the TOUGHBOOK * : I tankard a Wifi connection and I update on line with texts and photographs! Fastoche...

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KILI : Arrival in Moshi

Par Caroline Letrange :: 07/01/2008 à 1:41 :: Général

Expedition Dispatch on
- Kilimandjaro, Machame Route -   2/01 to the 10/01/2008
Contact by SMS and telephone
Group of 2 trekkeurs - FR

We are happy to share with you the climbing of Kilimandjaro of two trekkers, Manuel and Sonia . Thanks to share this adventure with friends and family and to follow us via the REACH SUMMIT blog

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Arrival carefully in this beautiful African region. In spite of the changes of flight, the voyage proceeded and arrived well at 20:45 at Kilimanjaro Airport to Tanzania where the situation is calm. Reception by the guide as a chief as well as the guide of forwarding. First friendly contacts and last formalities: the dream is on the move now !

Little drive before dining and finally resting in Moshi's hotel. Today, everything's started. Direction Machame Gate for the registration to National park authorities and the employment of porters. First impression of our travellers: The weather is very warm and quite humid ! On the way sun is shinning and the rain is non-existent. Very pleasant thus.

The vegetation is splendid and the first hours of walk in the rain forest is a peerless pleasure for the eyes. Lunch Stop in the forest. Good rest and good meals. Its the ideal moment to take some time to admire the astonishing luxuriant vegetation and to relieve the legs on this first section. Then hike gently goes uphill on a pleasant and well traced track. Easy progression to alt. 2100m surrounded by the abundant vegetation of the rain forest. In the evening, arrival in camp 1 before sunset and diner under the tent at the feet of Kilimanjaro.

Thanks for sharing this topo with family and friends. Please come back to follow the Kilimandjaro ascent, Machame Route.  Thank you to all the REACH SUMMIT teams on the spot which enable us to update this regular topo.

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