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KILI : Machame Route

Par Caroline Letrange :: 07/01/2008 à 2:08 :: Climbing

Expedition Dispatch on - Kilimandjaro, Machame Route -   2/01 to the 10/01/2008
Contact by SMS and telephone
Group of 2 trekkers - FR

The Machame way is one of the most beautiful route of Kilimanjaro. Camping under tent and single ecosystem offers to the trekkeurs a decoration to cut the breath in this part of the valley of the Rift. 5 levels of vegetation make it possible to appreciate all the diversity of this wild territory.

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The departure is carried out starting from Machame Gate. Engage carriers and first steps in the wet forest in the middle of a luxuriant vegetation and of a marked moisture. This first day of rise is easy, progressive and without much major difficulty. For our trekkeurs, Handbook and Sonia, beautiful day of walk where they could appreciate the first contacts with the teams and the landscapes of any beauty. Arrival in end-of-day with the camping with the feet of the slopes of Kilimandjaro.

The following day, survey early and breakfast in full nature; a true pleasure. The hours of walk are regular to allow a better acclimatization. The wet drill complétement disappeared and they are landscapes of moors which extend progresssivement on the horizon. Sunny and hot time for Sonia and Manuel which benefit from this small dry season with a time proprice with the impressive sights on the glaciers of the top of Kilimandjaro.

Then redescente towards the valley of Baranco after a passage to the accesses of Washed Tower, immense column of lava lost in the clouds and the fogs of altitude. The loss of altitude makes it possible the body to be acclimatized and the muscles to rest a little. For Sonia and Manuel walk is long but the crossed landscapes leave our climbing under the charm. The valley of Barranco is a ilot of vegetation of moors plunged in the fogs. The bushes, the lobélies and let us séneçons them cover this splendid valley that our trekkeurs reached after several hours of walk. Finally the camp appears in the hollow of the valley. Well deserved rest. It is the time of the acclimatization. Tomorrow a big step: the passage of the wall of Barranco. It is an old lava flow which bars the valley and which is climbed slowly along a path in zigzag along the volcanic rocks. This evening, rest and sleep before a departure early tomorrow morning for the valley of Karanga.

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