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KILI : Just left for Kilimanjaro !

Par Caroline Letrange :: 02/01/2008 à 14:36 :: Climbing

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The departures for Kilimanjaro are linke to the instable situation that currently ocuurs in Kenya.
However all REACH SUMMIT teams are on the spot 24/7 to handle with the situation and to accompany its customers.

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Sonia and Manuel left this morning to Africa. Small layover in Amsterdam then new departure towards Tanzania by avoiding Kenya. Last minute changes to modify the flying ticket initially booked for Nairobi with a new flight towards Kilimanjaro Airport. Skype has burnt these last days and i received their SMS this morning to confirm that everything is OK!

Message customer via Skype:  “On the way with 24:00 in advance. We have to take other plane tickets because initially we were to land in Nairobi but because of the situation we preferred opted for security and we will land directly in Tanzania. Departure envisaged tomorrow at 7am. Luggage ready, all is under zipploc because of moisture.

The "package", alias Gaspard has been delivered to his grandparents at exit 6 on the A40. A good dish of pastas awaits us this evening… and yes it is already necessary to be put on diet with slow sugars! We hope that all will be OK and that you will be able to follow this adventure on line and we will acheive our dream, a dream that we have been awaiting for nearly 20 years!

Photo sent by the client by MMS: bags of the departure!

Reception this evening towards 20:45 by the teams of REACH SUMMIT and… to directly to bed ! The ascent starts tomorrow, the dream will finally be able to concretize itself!

Leave your comments and react below. Don't forget the anti-spam code. Manuel and Sonia will be pleased to read your comments on their return back.

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