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NEPAL : Just arrived in Kathmandu

Par Caroline Letrange :: 13/10/2007 à 9:51 :: Tips & Everyday life

I am back to Kathmandou, the capital of Nepal for this springtide of trek which starts.

Animated departure of London where the congestions of end of day lead you of a good hour time designed to arrive at the airport. The taxi-driver is nervous. I catch me up far too late. I gonna miss my flight. The tension is extreme. He drives like a fool and sware all the time. To release the tension, it asks me to sing "Frere Jacques" for him in French!! I try some awfull notes ... he prefers to put the radio on. Zigzag between the cars, bicycles, trucks... I close  my eyes not to have the stomach twisted. HOpe we wont get caught by the police !!

Fortunatly, we arrive on time at the airport after 1 hour and half of slalom in the London capital; I almost have  the nausea ! At the checking counter, worries keep on anoying me. My huge "The North Face" bag is over weigh  and my photographic gears are  too large to come with me in the cabin... aaahhh, stop it !  It's now the rush for registration, I am urged to clear out my bag and my photographic gears to pack now desappear between the hands the airport agent with the anguish to see it arriving to Kathmandou in thousand pieces. Too much worries, but its security instructions, impossible to derogate from it.

Qatar Airways Flight, perfect. I watched 2 or 3 films during the flight. Layover in Doha and some purchases of beauty products at unbeatable prices and way back to the checkin for the next flight to Kathmandu.

The plane lands at Tribhuvan airport. its hot and wet ; such a contrast with London where it was raining cats and dogs. A friend is picking me up to drive me to the hotel in Thamel. Kathmandu has not change. Always this crasy traffic which makes my head spin, this pollution which grab you tears off the first days, this kindness of the Nepalese that makes to you more humble and this whirling life which never seems to stop.

In the evening, i go straight to my favorite bar where I find there, without any notice, mountaineers friends who just come back from Cho Oyu with customers. The ascensts were a little bit difficult because the powerful winds in altitude and snow falls that cover the tracks. Painful. They already have at least 5/6 beers in the stomack for dinner but the atmosphere is very euphoric. We ordered some Everest beers to celebrate my arrival. Stories of mountains howled in the middle of techno music to tear off you tympanums. A good evening whatsoever. For this first evening with Nepal, i go to bed at 4 o'clock in the morning. It is kathmandu!!

REACH SUMMIT and Caroline Letrange welcome you in Kathmandou for all your treks and ascents.
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