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NEPAL: Transportation, Gosh !

Par Caroline Letrange :: 18/06/2007 à 1:54 :: Tips & Everyday life

Ah to convey itself in Kathmandou, is necessary to take the fold!!

Several options are envsageables according to your temerity and of the level of necessary comfort. To make simple, you have the walking, well for the acclimatization if you leave in Trek but seen increasing pollution, it is perhaps not the best choice... and the distances are often a little long. Then you can travel by the taxi but you will have to spend between 100 and 250 rupees according to the distance and of the place where your taxi takes to you. It is a good comfortable but not very picturesque option.

I thus advise you  to test the tuk-tuk of Kathmandou, a true pleasure  !

They are small vehicles with 3 wheels been driven by an engine of two-stroke water-cooled. One packs oneself with the back on the side benches and one is held with the central bar. The driver orders the machine with a handlebar which directs the single nose gear wheel. Sometimes one limps speed, of most ancient, make it possible to pass from 5km/h to 13 or 14 km/h to follow the ceaseless flow of a traffic which arrete never and which breaks in an uninterrupted din of horns... it is Asia what! if you are not prepared with that, you miss most picturesque!

It has the advantage of being able to thread in the congestions or when the flow of the cars starts to make circulation quasi-impossible. The tuk-tuk owes its name with the noise which the engine makes when it idles. It you will coutera any only between 10 and 25 rupees according to the place where the tuk-tuk takes to you and deposits you. In Kathmandou, useless to negotiate the prices, they are fixed and allow you to move a little everywhere downtown without spending much money.

The contact with the population is also the most interesting part; one often asks you from where you come, which you do... and hop in 5mn of conversation, you are lost, you know more where you are! that made laugh all the passengers and everyone is put to help you to find the way of the providential hotel!!

If not you have, which they call, "microphone-buses". more comfortable, larger, less polluting, less exposed in the event of accidents but a little more expensive. They are small Van and a kid often howls with the door the destination of the vehicle. Do not hesitate to ask the driver because all is written in Nepalese and it is sometimes not easy to find the good direction. But one always arrives there!!

Lastly, there are the large buses. Eh there it is forwarding! they often emmenent you at longer distances (Pokara, Baktapur...) and frayent a way in circulation with great blows of horns to explode you the tympanums! The shock absorbers are often non-existent, the tires generally (very) smooth, transport sometimes goats or passengers on the roof and slips by to tomb open in the streets! There still the prices are fixed according to the way. The contact with the Nepalese does not have the equal one, you always learn something again during your way!

In Kathmandou, everyone takes the life on the good side and the smile is their best reception! do not deprive any to you and go up in these funny of machines as soon as you want to go some share!

Visit with REACHSUMMIT the neighbouring Kathmandou, Baktapur, Pokara and temples in an astonishing cultural tour.

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