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NEPAL: Visit of Bouddhanath

Par Caroline Letrange :: 18/06/2007 à 1:47 :: Cultural Adventure

What a beautiful visit !! Bouddhanath is a very beautiful place where religiosity and serenity are very deep. I love this place!

The stupa of Bouddhanath, center of Tibetan Buddhism, is only 8 km from Kathmandu and the atmosphere is radically diffrent here. It is one of largest the stupa in the world with its 6meters top. In 1979 the site has been registered with the world inheritance by the UNESCO. Since 1953, the Tibetans refugees who fled Tibet, decided to settle around this wonderful site which was quickly regarded as a "small Tibet".

Around the octagonal base of the stupa, there is a long line of prayer wheels that all visitors make turn so that the quotation engraved in metal "Om Mani Padme Um" rises with the rotational movement. On the site, surrounding the stupa, plenty of small traditional shops selling Tangkas, spices and food are opened around the circular place. Many Tibetans leave here and the numbers of temples and gompas (monasteries) around call us with meditation. Butter lamps are lit by the believer and thousands of flags of prayers are floated with the wind, sending mantras to the gods.

The site was built by king Manadeva on the recommendations of the goddess Mani Jogni. Eyes of the Buddha are painted on the 4 square faces of the stupa to take care on the human kind and deliver prosperity. Between the eyes, the eyebrows symbol as the sign of holiness. Then as your eyes goes to the top of the stupa, you can see various levels that indicates the layer before reaching the Nirvana and finally the parasol, symbol of the Buddha.

This place touch you in your soul. You can feel the faith and the quiteness in every stone. The colors, the flags of prayers, the slow sway in the crowd which turns around the Stupa to revere Bouddah while the prayer wheels are turned by the people ... all this make you feel as if you were a part of it. This place is really amazing !

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