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NEPAL : Dashain Festival

Par Caroline Letrange :: 18/06/2007 à 1:43 :: Général
On the end of September and  begining of October, ther is the great festival called Dashain celebrated by all Nepalese. It is fifteen days of celebrations during the full moon. This festival celebrates the goddess Durga in all her aspects. She is venerated during innumerable pujas. Offerings and sacrifices of animals are then practised during this celebration.

Dashain commemorates the victory of the gods over all bad demons. It last nine days commemorating the fight of Durga goddess against the Mahisasur demon. The tenth day is the day of the massacre of Mahisasur and corresponds to the victory of the goddess. The Durga goddess is venerated in all the kingdom as a goddess mother and she comes to visit and bless the houses while bringing good fortune.

During Dashain the privileged food is meat  (goat, sheep,  buffalo, duck, chicken). Dashain thus makes it possible for all to eat meat, generally very expensive. During all the festival you can see lots of handmade kites flying everywhere around the city and red tikas are put on your forehead as a sign of blessing; that goes from the oldest person to the youngest person of the family. Then, the ritual of cleaning comes. From houses, roads, animals to temples as well. Dashain ends with a great Puja in honor of Durga, for peace and prosperity.

During all this time, most of the shops are closed and the streets are a little empty, which is not that bad. This festival also  celebrates the new year 2063. Animals sacrifices are now done in temples or at the butchers, replacing the old buffaloes sacrifices in public place.

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