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NEPAL : Trek to Namche Bazaar

Par Caroline Letrange :: 18/06/2007 à 1:35 :: Trekking
Capital of the sherpa people located at alt. 3440 meters, the small city is lying amid the splendid khumbu valley. The village is nested in the hollow of the imposing mountains surrounded by forests in against-low and surrounded of the imposing snow-covered solid masses around: Tamserku, Ama Dablam and further, the Everest.

Departure of Kathmandu starting from the airport of Tribhuvan in the small ones had of about fifteen maximum places for Lukla. The flight, which lasts envirion 1/2 hour makes it possible to fly over Kathmandou, to discover the valley and in the fog of the morning the temple of the monkeys, Swayanbunath. Then, very quickly, one discovers all the line of the 8000 meters snow-covered.

Impressive landing in Lukla on the slopes of the mountain. It is one very steep slope to slow down with the attérissage and to propel on takeoff, engines with full mode! One does not balk to fasten his seat belt!!  The voyage is done in two times, the trekkeurs initially, the luggage then. But as the track is open only a few hours per day because of the climatic conditions (the accumulation of the clouds generally), the bags arrive sometimes with a good day of delay.

The village of Lukla skirts a principal stone road whith lodges, cybercafes and stores in all kinds. The yaks and the zoes (or dzos, with semi-chemi between the yak and the cow), are carrying the bags through the valley. After the sprinkled lunch with tea and some Chang (Local Tibetan alcohol ), we are heading o the trail. On the road, the Mani Walls on the way; it is important to pass them over on the left in order to have them on your right handside, the side of the pure hand. On the stones, Buddhist prayers, and inscriptions are carved as lithanie: "Om Mani Padme Um" (respect the jewel in the center of the lotus, refering the Buddha). 4/5 hours of walk before setting up tents for the night.

Then as of the next morning, reveil at dawn and departure towards Namche Bazaar. As of the entry of National Sagarmatha Park, the tourists owe aquitter of an import duty of 1000 rupees; the money is used for the conservation of the area, projects ecotouristic and the maintenance of the site. In all, 5 hours of walk approximately, through splendid landscapes of forests of pines before discovering, nested in the side of a mountain, incredible Namche. It is an important crossing point for the trade, with Tibet primarily, where salt, the meat and rice, inter alia, forward à yaks. Namche is also the obliged passage of forwardings which go towards Kalapathar, Mera peak, Island Peak, Ama Dablam and, of course, the base camp of the Everest. Splendid courses of treks and rises have as a starting point Namche Bazaar. Today, the development of Namche is suffisament important to find cybercafés there a little everywhere, the TV by cable, of the pubs and new lodges for the tourists, increasingly more. However, Namche did not lose the charm of the Sherpa country there. People are accessible there, the environment enchanter and the magic valley.

In the panorama imposing it Tamserku and planted between two peaks, Ama Dablam

The course in Namche is done by the market, then towards the heights to discover "the Everest view there" from where the panorama of the Everest east to cut the breath and finally towards the incredible Buddhist monastery on the heights. The streets are full salesmen and the caravans of yaks cross the streets with their loadings.

Leave for Trek towards Namche Bazaar, the capital of Sherpas, in the valley of the khumbu in Nepal to discover the panorama of the Everest ;

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