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AFRIK : Vaccine & Yellow fever

Par Caroline Letrange :: 27/06/2007 à 23:08 :: Tips & Everyday life

When travelling in countries known as "exotic", it is indeed exotic except when you did not take the precautions as regards prevention of the local diseases.

Africa (and thus Tanzania) are particularly exposed with certain diseases and infections of which it is necessary to be secured before leaving on a trip :

- Yellow fever : obligatory at first, the yellow fever is now recommended. This vaccine covers you for a 10 years period from the10th day after vaccination ; thus do not have your inoculation the day of the departure but take a RDV a few days before.

- Paludism or Malaria : It is a serious disease which can sometimes be fatal and which prevails in endemic tropical areas such as Tanzania. No vaccine exist yet. This disease is transmitted by the bit of a female mosquito, which introduces a small microorganism into blood and contaminates you.
Result: a general state which is degraded and strong fevers.

However you can protect itself from the Malaria thanks to the repellent sprays. Some are very powerful. You can buy some in pharmacy shops : one specific for the skin and a second exclusively reserved to clothing. The last one has to be sprayed on your day clothing as well as on sheets and mosquito nets. At the beginning, it awfully stinks but the smell disapears within few minutes... but for the mosquito, it is the olfactif hell and it surely will beat wing elsewhere!

It is also recommended to cover arms and legs as before sunset ; it is just before night, that mosquitos are the most virulent because the weather gets cooler.

In addition antimalaria pills is highly recommended. Either taken every week or daily, the tablets are very effective to prevent any appearance of Malaria symptoms.

For travellers who come to Tanzania to climb Kilimandjaro, it is wise to ask your doctor the better tablets so that you wont suffer from undesirable effects (giddinesses, nauseas...) ; but that depends on your physical condition. Obtain advice from your doctor. Over the rain forest, mosquitos will be rare, thus the danger is temporarily out of reach!

- Hepatitis A: it is a viral desease which primarily affects the liver and creates huge tiredness, then you will quickly turn from a healthy baby face to a wired yellow look ! This disease, which can also be fatal, is caused by infected food or water ingestion. It is thus recomanded to be vaccinated for a 10 years protection after a first recall at the end of a 6 months time

Prefer non-opened water bottles, cooked vegetables and the fruits with a skin (bananas, oranges, clementines...), no ice in your glass and no icecream to pleasure your papilla... do like me, have a beer !!

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