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NEPAL : does the Yéti exist ?

Par Caroline Letrange :: 18/06/2007 à 2:05 :: Cultural Adventure
The yéti is a myth which fascine, legend or reality?

Religious rites are part of the everyday life both Nepali and Tibetan people. Monasteries or "gompas" are religious centers, places of medidation and teaching place of Buddhist philosophy. The myths and the legends make them also part of the sacred texts even if you can never distinguish legends from reality.

When you visist Nepal, get to Pangboche Monastery on your way to Everest base. Getting to  Ama Dablam after the Capital of the Sherpas, Namche Bazar, this monastery hides a treasure that the legend nourished during many years: the Yéti one. Indeed, the monastery holds the relics of what is regarded as those of Yéti !

View of Ama Dablam and in the very background,
Everest and Lhotse

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It is with the XV eme century that the "Yeh-teh" or "yeh-tch", "the man of the rocks" as calls it the Tibetans, for the first time evoked and is described not an European. Then English missions, in exploration in the area describe gigantic prints in snow and a sihouette of very big size moving on the heuteurs. They are the Westerners who popularized the legend of the "Abominable man of snows" or "Migyu" as calls it also the populations Tibetans!

According to legends' come from Tibet and Sikkim and brought back by Sherpas, Yéti would be presented in 3 distinct forms:
  1. a man of very big size which devours the cattle, it is the "dzu-tch"
  2. A monkey with the russet-red peeling of less size
  3. and another monkey, nearer to human appearance, covered of hairs and considered to be aggressive; it is our Yéti, the "Mih-tch" or "Meh-teh"
Several theories are advanced as for the existence of this mysterious animal: a giant Orang-outang (really?) or the "homme of Peijing" this monkey which the apprence approaches the man and who would have taken refuge in the mountains (oops believe you in it?) or an ancestor of the man of Néandertal which would have taken refuge in the hostile and moved back habitâts of the Himalayas to protect (Jurassic Park is back!!). Go the last theories lean for a large monkey of the family of Gibbon or Orang-outang (the revoilà) which would have evolved/moved to adapt to its new environment.

Lets be serious for a while ... Lets put feet on the ground, the scientists have shown that all these relics were fake. Then the relics are not,  the footsteps, a bear one, the sclap of Yéti held by the monastery of Khumjung would be in fact a goatskin... and still no photographs of the  beast  !

Finally, Without dreams and legends, life would be quite dull, sure ? Go back to my favorite book ... "Tintin in Tibet" ! Cool ...!

Get to everest base camp ?

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