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NEPAL : back from Everest

Par Caroline Letrange :: 18/06/2007 à 3:30 :: Climbing

The Everest, mythical mountain which attracts hundreds of climbers every year. This year coming back of a French mountaineer who attempt the summit from the Southern route.

  • Expedition
At the end of May 2007, after approximately 2 months of trek, acclimatization and finally climb, come back of a  french climber from Everest by the Southern route ... she wazs happy, even if the top were not acheived she reached 8480m ! Congratulations!
More news soon.

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  • What about Everest:

Located on the border between Nepal and Tibet, Everest (also named Qomolangma */Sagarmatha/Chomolungma - * Q decides CH) is the highest mountain of the world with its 8850m of altitude. It is in 1865 that the Everest takes its current name in reference to the general controller of the India, Sir Everest. In 1852 that an Indien mathematician determined the height of the Everest and is taken appellaton of "Peak XV".

2 principal routes to reach the top:

- the Northern route, through Tibet in the Rongbuk Valley

- the Southern route, through Nepal in the Khumbu Valley 
Through this route you cross among the most beautiful landscapes of Nepal while passing by the famous capital of Sherpa, Namche Bazaar. Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay reached the top in 1953 by this route. To get to base camp, 2 main routes can be taken. The first in landing in the small village of Lukla by plane or in trekking from Jiri for a very beautiful acclimatization trek.

The acclimatization is long but necessary to give to the body time to be accustomed to altitude and lack of oxygen. Either routes have very different landscapes; Nepal profits from monsoon and thus from greener landscapes. Tibet located on the North of the Himalaya receives only very few rains, this the landscapes are more arid and exposed to winds... but keep a wild charm !

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